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5 Places You Forget to Vacuum

5 Places You Forget to Vacuum
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5 Places You Forget to Vacuum

Dirt is sneaky, but we know where to find it and how to take it out. If you're not ready to tackle these jobs, it may be time to shop for a new vacuum at 

TIP: You'll need a vacuum with attachments. Check out the full lineup of Riccar uprights, canisters, specialty and central vacuums to fit your cleaning needs 


1. Light Fixtures: Ceiling fans, lampshades, & sconces

Ever notice a burning smell when you seldom turn on that ceiling fan light? Or can't remember the last time you had to change a bulb in the sconce (thanks LED technology)? Use the dusting brush to clear away dust and cobwebs. Especially  helpful is the deluxe dusting brush that comes standard with many Riccar vacuums. The extra-long bristles are gentle on glass fixtures.


2. Drawers

We like to think drawers keep dust out, but somehow, they grab more than just our clothes, towels or kitchen wares. Use the crevice tool on your Riccar vacuum to quickly swipe around the corners of the drawers. Do the same to any storage baskets inside the drawers or on shelving.


3. Windows: Treatments and sills

Sneeze-worthy dust particles cling top curtains and blinds while bugs come to rest on the window’s trim and sills. Use your upholstery brush on curtains but make sure to open up your vacuum bleed valve so you suck in the dirt not the fabric. To clear the debris from blinds and trim work, use the dusting brush making sure to move in the same direction as the blinds; horizontal blinds move side to side, vertical blinds move up and down. Then for the skinny space in the window track use your crevice tool.


4. Doors: Frames, thresholds & frame tracks

If you’re under six feet tall you may never notice the dirt resting on top of your door frames but it’s there. Use your dusting brush attachment to give it a good swipe and while you have it out, use it on any ledges created by the design of the doors – six panels of dust collection. Once you’ve reached high, time to go low with your crevice tool to clean out anything that’s blown, crawled or been kicked into the threshold – don’t forget those sliding door tracks.


5. Beds: Mattresses & underneath the bed

Whether you regularly flip your mattress or not, it’s always a good idea to see what might be hiding between those cushy slumber spots. Start from the top and work your way down to collect any leftover skin, hair and other particles that could keep you up at night. Don’t be shy, put the vacuum nozzle right on the mattress to get the most powerful cleaning. Flip and repeat. If you have a pillow top, use the crevice tool to clean where the pillow meets the mattress. Don’t forget those dust bunnies underneath the bed frame. Your vacuum accessory wand with a floor tool attached will work great, or any of the Riccar canisters with a low-profile nozzle will do the trick as well.


If you’re looking for a vacuum with the power and accessories to tackle each of these forgotten cleaning spots and so much more, shop Riccar vacuums now or visit your local Riccar retailer to find the model right for your home.

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