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5 Tips to Shred the Dread of Pet Hair

5 Tips to Shred the Dread of Pet Hair
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5 Tips to Shred the Dread of Pet Hair

If you're a dog or cat owner, you know the warmer weather means pet hair everywhere, and more time outside means your dog tracks in more dirt.

Here are five tips to help you manage pet-related cleaning challenges. 


  • Regular grooming: Brushing your pet daily during shedding season can help reduce the amount of loose fur that ends up on your furniture and floors, and keep your furry friend happy, too. Use a brush designed for your pet's coat type to remove loose hair and prevent matting. 
  • Vacuum regularly: Vacuuming your floors and furniture helps to keep pet hair under control. Consider using a pet-specific vacuum cleaner with strong suction and attachments that are designed to pick up pet hair more effectively. A vacuum with a HEPA media filter will trap pet dander, dirt and allergens for healthier indoor air, while reducing odors with a granulated charcoal filter.
  • Wash bedding frequently: Your dog or cat's bedding can be a major source of pet hair in your home. Wash their bedding once a week to remove loose fur, dander, and anything dirty paws might track in. 
  • Use a lint roller: Keep a lint roller handy to quickly remove pet hair from your clothes and furniture. Select a roller that is designed for pet hair, as these are more effective at picking up loose fur. 
  • Consider professional grooming: If you're struggling to manage your pet's shedding, consider taking them to a professional groomer. They can give your pet a thorough grooming to remove excess hair and keep fur from becoming matted. 

Riccar makes pet vacuums with powerful suction and attachments to lift an remove pet hair, plus HEPA media filters to trap allergens and granulated charcoal to reduce odors. Whether you prefer an upright vacuum or a canister vacuum, Riccar vacuums will help you manage shedding season and maintain a clean and healthy home the whole family can enjoy.