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Riccar and the Global Supply Chain

Riccar and the Global Supply Chain

The global supply chain issue you hear about ad nauseum has affected consumer goods, and vacuum cleaners are no exception.

We aren't speaking only about vacuums purchased overseas, but the assembly and shipping of vacuums everywhere. It's not just a lag due to extensive lead times to receive parts, it's also components like the cardboard we use to package and ship our vacuums, and the vinyl we use on vacuum clings. We've all seen the pictures of the container ship backups in the ports, and if you travel via interstate, it's hard not to notice the dramatic increase in tractor trailers.

While just vacuums and not medical supplies or food, it's still put us in a bind, and severely impacted all our retailers. That's not a small thing. Riccar sells vacuums exclusively through independent vacuum retailers. These retailers' stores have survived the pandemic and now they have empty shelves and backorders with some delivery dates up to five months out. 


If your vacuum breaks, it might seem easier to visit your local national superstore chain and buy a $199 vacuum off the shelf. 

  We won't knock the competition in these stores, as they're extremely successful at appeasing the common shopper with inexpensive vacuums that meet basic cleaning needs. But Riccar owners are very different. They're particular, demanding, and driven by performance. Not just any vacuum will do.

For Riccar owners, a broken vacuum means a trip to the local retail store for a repair by a Riccar-certified technician and maybe a Riccar courtesy vacuum to take home if the repair will take a few days. Or sometimes, they'll participate in a demonstration and decide to buy a brand new Riccar vacuum.

Whether you're waiting for a vacuum repair or waiting on a new vacuum, patience is key. Your local retailer and Riccar are part of a giant logjam of consumer good manufacturing, but rest assured Riccar is doing everything we can to adjust to this new economy. 

Very soon, Riccar will introduce a new way to acquire Riccar vacuums and supplies online. So stay tuned - and be sure to join our email list to get an exclusive first look. As always, thank you for supporting Riccar and the independent Riccar retailer in your town. 



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