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Over Riccar's four decades, we've learned a few things about the people who buy our vacuums. Whether their primary concerns are vacuum weight, agility, ease of use or specific cleaning challenges, we've compiled a list of suggested vacuums for you and the people in your life. Use this gift guide to help you find the right vacuum for a special person in your life.

For the Homebody

The person who makes a house a home and deep cleans from floor to ceiling. 


The Tandem Air Premium will clean with the highest levels of airflow, suction and filtration. 


For the Entertainer

The life of the party who needs a quick pass over floors before the real fun begins. 


The R25 Clean Air Standard upright is a no-nonsense multi-floor cleaner with tools. 


For the Pet Lover

They knows tools are a must for removing pet hair, and HEPA media filtration is essential for capturing the dander, dust and pollen they bring in from outside. Look for granulated charcoal filtration to absorb the most odors. 


The R25 Clean Air Premium is best for multi-floor cleaning and maneuvering with 360-degree pivoting. 


For the Grandparent

The older or mobility challenged who prefer a lightweight vacuum that requires only light bending and aggressive cleaning that feels propelled.

The SupraLite R10P is ready to serve.

For the Traveler

The adventurer who doesn't like to be tied down.

The SupraLite R10CV Cordless empowers you to clean with freedom. 

For the Traditionalist

The person who likes things that have worked and stood the test of time.


The Prima Canister with full size nozzle is a cut above other canister vacuums.

For the Hobbyist

The creator who can't get enough tools or supplies.


The SupraQuik Portable Canister is the perfect accessory for cleaning up crafty messes.


For the Teacher, Friend or Neighbor

When you need a little gift with a lot of heart.


The Gem Handheld vacuum is the perfect option.