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Think of all the special little moments that take place on your carpet: it’s where babies learn to crawl and walk, and where children play games and stretch out to watch TV. It might be where you practice yoga or do push ups. It’s where you and your friends can kick back to watch that big, exciting game.

Deep Clean Your Carpet Every Time

Your vacuum cleaner plays a crucial role in maintaining a clean and beautiful home. It affects the life of your carpet, your family’s health, and even our environment. But the fact is, not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. Too often, surface cleanliness has a lot to hide.

Microscopic Things

The little things you can’t see matter, too. Microscopic dirt in carpet fibers can cause premature wear. Bacteria and allergens from dust to pet dander to pollen can compromise your home’s health. Poorly-made vacuum components can break, costing time and money to replace, and even impact the health of our planet. Over time, those little things become big things.

Carpet Moments

It goes without saying that regular vacuuming is essential for maintaining carpets that look, feel and smell good, so you can enjoy that luxurious, toes-in-fresh-carpet feeling at the end of the day and not worry about what you and your family might be breathing in. 

Clean the Unseen

Clean is more than meets the eye, and what you can't see can hurt your carpet. Dirt and grit that settle into carpets can be tough to extract with an ordinary vacuum. Over time, simple friction from walking across the carpet causes the embedded grit to grind away at the fibers. Eventually, fibers break down and carpets lose their lustre, leaving carpeting that looks worn, dirty and dull. 


Multi-Stage Filtration

Imagine you’re on the floor playing with your kids, or working out, or watching TV with friends. The last thing you want to wonder is whether there’s smelly dirt and bacteria embedded in your carpet! Especially if you or someone you love suffers from allergies or other health issues. Does your vacuum give you confidence, or make you worry?

Every day, microscopic dirt, dust mites and pet dander settle deep into carpet fibers, causing odors, holding allergens, and affecting your family’s health. That’s why Riccar technology goes more than surface deep. Our engineers have perfected the vacuum to protect you, your family, and the health of your home.

Breathe Easy

So, imagine this: it's Sunday morning and you're about to start your yoga practice. You step onto your carpet and feel a sense of peace wash over you. You know that your carpet is clean and free of harmful particles, thanks to your Riccar vacuum. And as you move into Downward Dog and Child's Pose, you feel confident and relaxed, knowing that the surface you're practicing on is as healthy and hygienic as can be. 

Extra Engineered

While some might call it over-engineering, we take pride in making vacuum cleaners that are built to last. These vacuums are also designed with the user in mind, with simple controls and intuitive designs that make it easy to clean your carpets. And because they’re built to be maintained, you won’t have to spend hours taking your vacuum apart just to clean it.