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All Vacuums Are The Same, Right? Wrong.

All Vacuums Are The Same, Right? Wrong.
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All Vacuums Are The Same, Right? Wrong.

It's not your fault, you walk down the aisles of any store and see many, many vacuums. They all look the same, but some are yellow, some are orange, some are purple....that's it, right? No way. If you need a new vacuum, there are a few things you need to determine before bringing one home.


Upright vs. Canister

Before you really get into the nitty gritty differences of each model, you need to determine your vacuum needs. For homes with wall-to-wall carpet, you need a vacuum with a brush roll. This is usually an upright, but some canisters have nozzles with brushrolls. On the other hand, an upright model is the best choice. On the other hand, homes with mostly bare floors are best paired with a vacuum with a squeegee or floor tool with microfiber pad (usually found with a canister vacuum). But in the end, it comes down to what is most comfortable for you to handle.


Clean Air vs. Direct Air

If you're going for an upright model, the next choice has to do with airflow. Every home is different, and Riccar is sure to have a vacuum perfect for your cleaning needs. 

If you or your family members have allergies or pets, a Clean Air vacuum is best for your home. Clean Air vacuums provide the utmost filtration and suction power for attachments. As you vacuum with one of these models, you'll breathe a little easier. Clean Air models are also handy for homes with mixed flooring because they have attachments perfect for throw rugs.

A Direct Air vacuum is ideal for homes with wall-to-wall carpeting and without much use for attachments. These vacuums are lightweight with suction power dedicated to the floor. If your home has stairs or many rooms, a direct air vacuum may be a good choice for carrying around the house.


Wait What’s Tandem Air? 

Do you have a lot of carpet and bare floors, AND a need for powerful attachments and advanced filtration? If so, a Tandem Air model is the vacuum for you. Riccar's patented Tandem Air Technology is our fancy way of saying two distinct cleaning motors working together to create one awesome cleaning machine. This means you get the most powerful carpet cleaning combined with sophisticated filtration and amazing suction for on-board tools. It’s the vacuum cleaner you’ve always dreamed of.


Why Does Metal Matter?

When you buy a new jacket, do you check the material? And does it matter if your new table is made of wood or plastic? Of course. The same goes for vacuum cleaners. Riccar Vacuums have metal components in high-wear areas so they last for years to come. It just may be the last vacuum cleaner you ever buy. With metal components, Riccar vacuums are designed to be repaired, not replaced. So our metal parts mean fewer vacuums filling up landfills.


Do you have any Bagless Models?

We believe bagged vacuums are the way to go for many reasons, but we also know bags aren't always convenient for cleaning with accessory vacuums.

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