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Fall Cleaning Reminders

Fall Cleaning Reminders
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Fall Cleaning Reminders

Temperatures are dropping at last, and soon you'll be pulling out your vacuum more frequently. Whether it's dead leaves, spiderwebs or Halloween candy crumbs, a vacuum makes the job easier. A great vacuum makes it enjoyable - or at least satisfying. 


Filter Change

Allergies to ragweed or mold spores can dampen the beauty of the season. To help you and your family breathe easier, Riccar relies on premium filtration with multi-layers of HEPA media to trap these fine particles. Along with your home furnace filters and car cabin air filter, fall is an ideal time to replace your vacuum filter, too. Blocked filters reduce air flow, and restricted air flow limits your vacuum's ability to clean.

Not sure if you need to replace the filter? Remove it and check the color. If it's not bright white, it's time for a replacement.


Bag Check

If your bag is more than two-thirds full, change it immediatley. An over-filled bag restricts airflow, and you may find you can no longer pick up debris.



Clean Your Machine

A cleaning machine doesn't stay perfectly clean by itself. Before your next use, take a few minutes to wipe down the outside, remove any threads wrapped around the brushroll, and make sure the brushroll is still spinning freely. In addition, scheduling a vacuum tune-up from your local retailer is usually expensive and helps to identify any potential issues before they become a problem. 


Fill the Gaps

Not every vacuum cleans every surface perfectly. Take a few minutes to think about any areas regular vacuuming may be missing. For example - do you need a few more feet of hose to clean your staircase? Check out Riccar extension hoses. Would an adapter, an angled tool, or micro tool set help grab the dust and dirt hiding in corners, crevices, or other hard-to-reach places? Could you manage your tools or accessories better with a storage bag? Would a different floor tool work better or allow you to clean additional surfaces?

See options on under our Accessories section, or visit your local retailer to talk about solutions to your cleaning challenges. 


What Not To Do

Don't use your vacuum outside, ever. And use extreme caution when vacuuming ashes from the fire pit or fireplace. Fine ash and powders tend to clog the filters, and wood chunks could clog the vacuum hose. If not handled carefully, they can detroy your vacuum. Make sure ashes are completely cold and dry. 


Other Tidbits

In the kitchen, pull out your fridge and vacuum the coils at least once a year. In bedrooms, when you change your sheets, be sure to vacuum the mattresses. Also remember to vacuum the sides and back of your upholstered furniture. One of the most often overlooked places to vacuum is air ducts and air return vents. 

No matter how much or little you clean this fall, Riccar is with you in spirit and hopefully in hand!

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