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Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday
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Small Business Saturday

Every year, the Saturday after Thanksgiving is known as Small Business Saturday. It’s meant to drive business into independent retail stores like your neighborhood Riccar store. For decades these mom-and-pop shops have competed against the giant national retailers that offer one-stop shopping from groceries to party supplies to appliances.

The main thing the national and online retailers can’t provide is individualized service.

National vs. Local Retail

When you visit a national retail chain store, you’ll see a variety of vacuums, typically bagless, built to last about the length of the warranty, which is usually one year. You decide which one will meet your needs, pick one off the shelf and unpack and assemble it when you get home. If you have questions, you may have to be resourceful to find the answers. If your vacuum breaks, you might just throw it away because it’s not worth the cost to repair it. Landfills are packed with hundreds of millions of vacuums that were deemed not worth the cost or effort or simply didn’t have replacement parts.

When you buy from your local Riccar retailer, count on real service, before and after the sale. With a wealth of knowledge about vacuums, cleaning and floor types, these trained professionals will ask the right questions that enable them to match you with the right vacuum. Try it out in store. Push the vacuum and ask questions. If you’ve brought in a vacuum for repair, they may have a Riccar courtesy vacuum to send home with you for a day or two to try out.  You won’t be lugging home a giant box with nothing but a QR code to assist you. Instead you’ll have an assembled vacuum all ready to use, and you’ll have training on how to use it. Your Riccar retailer is just a phone call away if you have questions.

When shopping “small”, you’re not just supporting the business. You’re also supporting families and other businesses in your town. You’re keeping money in your area for programs and sports fields and community projects. You’re building bonds that help keep cities and towns thriving.

No Riccar Retailer Near You?

Not everyone has a Riccar retail store nearby. And not every vacuum store carries Riccar. Some aren’t up to Riccar standards. In these cases, you can order from or find a retailer who has an ecommerce website and buy from there.

Small Business Saturday is a big deal to us and our retailers. Thank you for shopping local.

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